What are some common cat allergies?

Some common cat allergies would be insect bite hypersensitivity, some food allergens, or even just some environmental allergens.

Dr. Amanda German
Loch Haven Veterinary Hospital

How do allergies impact the health and well-being of my cat?

When cats have allergies, it disrupts their skin or even their upper respiratory system, allowing for secondary infections that could occur.

What preventative care can I provide to help my cat avoid allergies?

Ensure they're on a good flea and tick prevention every month. Keep their area clean of debris to decrease dust and pollen.

What are some signs and symptoms that my cat may have allergies?

Sometimes you'll see them sneeze or have watery eyes. They might even cough because sometimes allergies can cause asthma. Often, you'll see hair loss and scabbing throughout their body, mainly around their neck or tail.

Why is it important to avoid self-diagnosing allergies in cats?

When you self-diagnose allergies in cats, there's a risk that something else could be happening, such as another infection or even if they have something like fleas or mites that could be causing these issues as well.

How will a veterinarian diagnose whether or not my cat has allergies?

We'll perform a thorough physical exam. We may conduct a bit of skin cytology or even a skin scraping and just do a good thorough look over.

What are some of the most common cat allergies?

Some of the most common ones that you're going to see would be food, insects, or pollens.

What types of treatments can be used to relieve the symptoms of a cat that is suffering from allergies?

Sometimes we'll use an antihistamine. Very rarely we'll use a bit of a steroid and sometimes we'll even use some shampoos or mousses to cleanse the skin.

How effective are treatments for cats suffering from allergies?

Most of the time they're fairly effective, depending on the type of allergy.

Cat Allergies - FAQs 1

Dr. Amanda German
Loch Haven Veterinary Hospital

Can my cat be allergic to its food?

Yes, your cat certainly could be allergic to its food. There are many different proteins that cats could potentially be allergic to.

Are there environmental causes for my cat's allergies?

Yes, there could be environmental causes as well. Pollens, dust, and even human hair dander could be allergens for them.

Can my cat be allergic to hygiene products, such as shampoo?

Most definitely. Just like humans, cats could be allergic to the different products or fragrances contained in hygiene products like shampoos.

What will my veterinarian recommend for my cat's allergies?

It depends on the allergen. We may discuss a food trial, try some steroids to reduce inflammation, prescribe antihistamines, or recommend certain shampoos or mousses.

Can my cat's allergies be related to feline asthma?

Yes, they can. Exposure to allergens, such as a high amount of pollen, can cause internal issues in cats, leading to allergic bronchitis or, as commonly known, asthma.

What should I do if I think my cat has allergies?

If you suspect that your cat has allergies, you should definitely bring them to see a veterinarian.

Are there allergy medications my cat can take?

Yes, there are allergy medications for cats, and recommendations will depend on the specific condition your cat is experiencing.

Cat Allergies - FAQs 2

Dr. Amanda German
Loch Haven Veterinary Hospital

What are some signs that my cat is having an allergic reaction to something?

You'll notice some facial swelling such as their eye swelling, you might notice some sneezing, some coughing, you may notice them chewing and licking at their body, some hair loss, and even some scabbing.

How will seasonal allergies present in my cat?

Most of the time you're going to see sneezing, coughing, eye discharge, or you may even still see the hair loss and the scabbing with that.

How will my cat's allergies be diagnosed?

We're going to look at the skin, do a full physical exam, and just give them a good one once over. We're going to do some skin scraping, some skin cytology, and just look and see if there's anything that we see abnormal besides allergens.

How are my cat's allergies treated?

Well that depends on what's causing it. We may do a food trial if it's food related, we may do some steroids if we need to, or some antihistamines, and if it's just a nasty infection that's causing some of that, we're going to do some shampoos and mousses and some antibiotics.

Can I give my cat Benadryl?

You can, it's going to make them drool a lot, so we usually use a different antihistamine to help treat those allergens.

Are there other allergy medications my cat can take?

Most definitely, and we have a few of them here at the hospital.

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